SVS School
Friday, April 28, 2017
Educating Bright Students Who Learn Differently
Spring Valley's Story
In 2000, a group of parents seeking better educational opportunities for their children met with professionals to consider the feasibility of developing a school dedicated to the needs of students with learning differences.  Remarkably, within a matter of months, Spring Valley School, the first school in Birmingham committed to serving the needs of such children, opened its doors.

Spring Valley has been a sanctuary for students with learning differences, allowing them to discover a supportive, learning environment where they can demonstrate their academic abilities and talents.  The impact of such success on esteem and confidence cannot be underestimated, and many parents have referred to the school as “life saving.”

The work and success of Spring Valley School has always been and always will be a collective effort.  Administrators, faculty, parents, students and dedicated friends have worked tirelessly to ensure that Spring Valley will never fail in its mission of educating bright students with learning differences.

Our Program

Spring Valley integrates individualized research-based remediation with a comprehensive school program featuring a strong state-approved college preparatory core curriculum. We provide:
  • An Orton-Gillingham (Alphabetic Phonics) reading program
  • A small student/teacher ratio
  • A highly trained faculty and staff
  • Regular parent-teacher conferences
  • Post-secondary transition planning
  • A hands-on approach to keep learning fun

The Orton-Gillingham Program

Spring Valley School utilizes the Orton-Gillingham teaching method which emphasizes a multi-sensory approach to reading, employing the visual, auditory, and tactile systems.  Based on over 60 years of research and practice, this unique curriculum is highly individualized and cognitive in approach.  The Orton-Gillingham method is anchored in multi-sensory language instruction that stimulates and builds auditory, visual and tactile/kinesthetic pathways to learning.  It teaches the structure of language and the tools that improve reading, writing and spelling.